iStudiez Pro Legendary Planner Recenzje App

Przydatna aplikacja

Jeśli studiujesz się lub uczysz to ta aplikacja Ci się bardzo przyda. Łatwo utworzyć plan i dodawać różne zadania/egzaminy. Duże możliwości personalizacji. W dodatku fantastyczna synchronizacja z wersją na iOS. Polecam!

Świetna aplikacja

Jeśli studiujesz to nie ma zastąpinej aplikacji. Świetnie się synchronizuje z iphonem i ipadem. Wpisywanie dancyh za pierwszym razem może być mozolne, ale poźniejsze korzystanie z aplikacji to czysta przyjemność! Polecam

Bardzo dobra aplikacja

Po polsku, nawet dobrze przetłumaczona. Na iOS8 jeszcze nie działa, ale na Mac 10.10 idealnie. Pozwala zorganizować życie studenta, ucznia i rodzica. Warto zainwestować tych parę złociszy.

Needs work module

This app literally organizes my life lol but I deduct one star because I just got a job and there’s no way to really put my shifts & to-do into my schedule. Please include an “Add job” option! Literally the same as classes but with ‘shifts’ and ‘tasks’ instead of ‘regular classes/labs” and “assignments"

Wonderful app, some bugs, and Notifications need work

This app is a woderful planner app for college. The set up process for every semester is long and tedious but once you've got all the information in it works beautifuly. There are several bugs in both the Mac and iPhone apps that have gone unfixed. Most are minor however. Notifications and settings are inconsistant and need serious work. When using the iPhone, Apple Watch, and Mac versions settings are not synced with each other and notifications go off on both. I just turned notifcatons off because I don't need two or three devices to alert me when I have a class or assignement due, just one will suffice.

Best App for College Students

This app was recommended by a family member over 4 years ago before I went to college and it has been the most useful app I’ve ever bought/downloaded. So happy they finally added a convert class to exam option because it makes the app so much easier to use. Highly recommended for any college student to stay on track for all their courses. Keep up the great work!

Missing a important component

This app has been great. Im using it now. One critical thing is choosing between points and percentage grading per individal class instead of the entire app itself. It is difficult to calculate my grade accurately. Besides that I recommond it for trackinh assignments and progress through the semester.

Great App for College

This App is absolutely fantastic. As someone who struggles to remember every due date as well as turning things in, this is a lifesaver! Very simple and intuitive to use with lots of cool features. Now, the app could support recurring assignments similar to how it handles classes -> this would help the user tremendously so they do not have to set up a HW assignment 20 times for every Thursday. Next, this app would be worth $20 alone if it offered a way to pull grades off of the school's grading platform/website so the user doesn't need to do this themselves. All in all, very cool app, and highly recomended! PS, I'm a compsci major and was wondering if the development team was interested in interns! haha

Absolute Must for College

This app is amazing. It's absolutely worth buying the paid version for both MacOS and iOS. I love how I can see a cumulative GPA, and the ability to see past grades. This is especially useful for the classes that don't use BlackBoard to keep grades updated. 10/10 would recommend to anyone of the friends

A College Student Must Have!

A very useful application to keep on daily track of classes, assignments and many other things. Your daily planner.


EDIT: I’m a senior and still rocking this app. Just noticed you can highlight multiple assignments and delete them in one action! This was amazing to discover and shows the developers put a lot of care into this app. Only improvement that I would like (which isnt really a big deal) is to disable the priority setting for each assignment or if this is too difficult to implement in code, than just change the defaulted priority of each app to minimum (no exclamation mark). The defaulted priority to one exclamation point kind of gives me OCD and I have to end up changing it for each assignment lol. Quite literally the best app to have to managing all of my homework, assignments, tests, and exams. I could not have gotten my current GPA of 3.95 if not for this app and it is truly one of the best investments throughout my years of college. You’re paying thousands a semester for these classes, just for $10 more you get the mose useful tool to hand in all of your assignments on time. Oh and by the way, the grading graphs ROCK! You can simulate what your final grade will be in a class by assigning different weights to your homework and exams. Good job developers!

If you are in college, its worth it

Im a double major and double minor, and this planner saved my semester last semester. Taking 19 credits (max 20 at my school) made my life hectic and never ending. The fact that this planner shows me a schedule and that I can add all of my assignments to this (over 500 assignments) and it lasted without losing any of my data, was amazing. This app is worth the money, please buy this!

Can’t add calendar events and can’t download the iphone version

So I just spent $10 on a macbook app that doesn’t even allow me to freely add calendar events!!!! There is no option to add calendar events, just assignments and exams!! THIS IS RIDICULOUS! Also, I have to pay $3 additional dollars to pay for the iPhone app??? This is a joke, it should be free since I already downloaded the app on my computer I shouldn’t have to buy it again for my iphone. I do not reccommend buying this app. I wish I could get a refund!!!!

How do you delete a class?

How do you delete a class? I have a whole bunch of classes that I never included and I’m trying to remove them, so how do I do that?

Good app but needs a bundle

This app is nice and has some amazing features already to it, but I really would have liked to have had a bundle for this as I have a Macbook pro, a Windows desktop and an Iphone that I wanted this app on. it was 9.99 for the PC version, 2.99 for the IOS iphone version and another 9.99 for the PC version making owning this app for everything costing 22 bucks roughly. That is a lot to make sure i get reminded and sync on all my devices and I wish I would have only had to pay a bundled price to have it on eveything I owned. I would have been cool paying 10-15 dollars to be able to use the key on all my devices to link it up otherwise I do like the app thusfar for setting up for the Fall!

issues with pro for mac

It is not syncing, I will not show me any setting options. I just wish it would let me see the same thing that is in my phone and I pad. I also would love to change it from grey to another color. Please tell me how to fix my syncing issues.

This application is incredibly useful, but lacks intuitive shortcuts and necessary features.

I have been using this application since my junior year of highschool, so I am running on six years of usage now. I thouroughly enjoy the application; it has helped me stay on top of my work for years now. However, there are some features that I have been waiting to see that just haven’t made it into the released build: it would be incredibly useful if the applicatoin could be more physically flexible, i.e.; can be stretched to smaller sized or reshaped below it’s minimum threshold, maybe to put side-by-side with other applicatoins. Second, I would really love to see a “contact book-esque” format for its Instructors tab… there is currently no way to search for Professors or TA’s by name beside scrolling or tapping the letter of their first name, sorting manually. This would make the process much easier. Also, I wish there was a quick-assignment input method, i.e. if you are adding an assignment on-the-go while you are in class or just leaving, it should automatically format a new assignment under the class that you are currently in. This would make adding assignments more efficient and easier, rather than having to add an assignment, choose a class, choose a due date, etc. The current system takes way too long if I just want to add a reminder for a small assignment. If these functions were added, this app would be a no-brainer for any student. What I truly love is the syncronization between all devices, and the automatic schedule-shifting with holidays and personal calendars. This app is good! If the devs just added a few more key features, it would be amazing.

Well Organized, but a few questions

Hi! I love the app, it’s clear and pleasant to look at. But a few questions/suggestions. For many assignments our class is provided with sheets or online documents that have the task/rubric and I want to attatch them to the description when adding an assigment, is that possible? Our school has a kinda consitsant schedule, however each day the classes are in a different order, is it possible, if I type in the periods and schedule, that it could remind me…ex: “Math next."

I’ve Graduated and now I miss this app...

I used iStudiez during all 4 years of my undergrad. Now that I’m no longer in school, I really miss using this app. Its highly intuitive and helped me stay on top of all of my assignments. It was a major tool to my success during college.

Great Tool, just some tweaks here and there, but DEFINITELY use

Had to buy the app for a Student Success Seminar and I am starting to integrate it into my work as a second year college student. Takes some time to input all your sylliby, but save you in the end. Would like to see a day, week, AND MONTH overview to see my schedule like Apple’s calendar dropdown view. This is teaching me how to manage my time and worth using the paid version and it syncs in real time with my iStudiez Pro on my iPhone.

Ok Needs Improvement

Started using this app recently and it helps me keep track of classes and assignments. However full integration with the calendar component does not seem possible. Moreover, there is no way to add grades for assignments or keep track of your GPA like the images in the App store show.

The absolute best!!!

I found this app first on the appstore from my phone and loved it right away! I got the free version first to try it out and within days upgraded to the pro version. It organizes ALL of your semester beautifully: exams, lecture times, assignments, etc. The reminders and notifications can be fully customized to your own personal study habits, schedule requirements, work shifts & personal tasks; basically helps you organize your "school life" so that it flows smoothly along with your “social life, work life, vacation life,” etc. I loved this app so much, I actually searched for it on the appstore on my Mac and paid the ten bucks so I could have it both on my phone and my laptop. Once you have an account, it syncs thru icloud automically so you don’t even have to manualy transfer any info between different devices. You won’t regret it; I promise!!!

Sync feature no longer broken!

I’ve been using this app for the past two years straight. For the majority of the time, it has worked like a charm! It provides a streamline and clean way to organize classes, assingments, exams, holidays, and whatnot. It’s the perfect tool for a student who needs to keep a tidy schedule. Only reason I’m not giving 5 stars is due to the recently broken sync feature. I use this app on both my iPhone and my MacBook and like to keep the data synced between the two. However, recently I’ve received multiple error notifications whenever I try to sync. This is rather annoying as I am not able to access my timeline that I’ve laid out from both of my devices. This wouldn’t be as big of a deal had I not paid $10 for the application on my Mac. If this issue is fixed, I would have no objection to rating 5 stars. But for now, it gets 3. Edit: No longer broken, back up to 5 stars!

Servers are back!

I have nothing but good things to say about the app until recently. Everytime I try to login or edit my assignments and error message saying "Cloud Sync Server is unreachable. Check your Internet connection and try again” If an update could come out soon to fix this it’d be greatly appericated not by just me, but others running into this issue. Thank you iStudiez team! Update: Thanks for the quick fix. The servers are back up and as a student couldn’t be anymore grateful. Get this app!!

CloudSync Server is upported

EDIT: CloudSync is back!


Love this option for my Mac! It pairs perfect with the version of this app I’ve had on my phone. It really makes checking my schedule, adding classes/assignments, or exams so easy and convenient. Not sure what I would do without this!! Update: Seems like the cloud sync is not working :( still love the app though! Update 2: It’s working again!

Sync Issues

Are you aware that the sync feature is down? It’s difficult to keep updating both apps on my computer and phone when I normally just update one and sync to the other.. Please update!

Hands Down the Best App for Students

If there is an app to keep track of homework assignments, grades, schedules, etc. — I’ve tried it. iStudiez is the BEST app out there, and I’m 99% positive their support team is on steroids or something because their response time was literally less than 2 minutes. (What?!?!?) I was having an issue, but they not only informed me of what was going on, they also assured me it would be fixed and that they are working on it as fast as possible. Their app is amazing, but their customer service is what makes this app incredible.

Great App for College Students and Great Customer Service

This App does great of letting me track all my schedules/assignments and sync across all my apple devices. Definitely recomment for college students. Today their hosting company had an issue for the syncing feature so I emailed their support and they got back to me super quick on a weekend! Keep it up iStudiez Team!

Sample courses

When I opt to see the samples when you first downloading the app, do we have to mannually delete the sample classes everyday for the rest of the semester? if so, I want a refund.

Great App for College Students!

I absolutely love this app, and it really helps me stay organized! I love how easy it is to cancel classes, and input all of the necessary information! One feature I really wish this app had was to choose a grading system by class, rather than overall! At my university some classes are on a point scale and some are on percent, which means I can’t calculate all of my grades accurately using iStudiez. But overall, I love this app; totally worth the money!

So far so good, but not great.

Overall, this app is fantastic. I used a similar app when I was in college, but decided to purchase this app because it has a lot more features and I’m in the process of studying for the MCAT (basically an entrance exam for medical school). It keeps everything organized in an aesthetically pleasing way and I love that it shows all assignments, due dates, hours spent in the class, and etc. Despite the app being good so far, it could be great perhaps by including a timeframe of when to work on each assignment opposed to just having a notification of the assignment’s due date. Because I’m technically not in school anymore, I have to input every event individually (since my days won’t be the same like that of standard classes in college where it repeats). Even so, it would also be beneficial for students if iStudiez Pro included assignments with a block of time on the Overview Calendar so s/he knows when to actually work on the assignment. For me, it’s just a hassle because I need to create individual classes for everytime I study (in addition to creating the assignment of studying/reading/worksheets/papers) for a particular subject of the MCAT. Once this feature is included, I will change my review to 5 stars instead of 4 stars. Another possible feature that could be included is “hours spent” for each week in addition to the total hours spent and past hours spent so we know how much we are committing to each class each week. Although the lack of this feature did not persuade my decision of rating this app 4 stars, it would be a nice feature to have (especially since we could see how many hours total spent). It’s just nice to see how much work we are putting in week by week. It could be beneficial because suppose a student studied 10 hours during week 1 and got a 11/20 quiz while the same student studied 20 hours during week 2 and got a 17/20. Obviously, the student can see that s/he did not spend enough studying time for week 1 oppossed to week 2. This feature is just something to think about.

Hands down, this is THE best app for college!

I love this app and recommend it to all of my friends! I’ve been using it for three years now and it has made my life a zillion times easier (a zillion is a number.. I promise). At the beginning of each semester, I spend a bit of time inputting all of my assignments, grade weighting, and credits for each class. It saves me so much time and energy, I always know what’s due next, and I use it to manage tasks outside of school now, too. I always know where my grades stand (my friends waste so much time trying to calculate theirs). Plus, I’ve only had issues with this app two times in the last 3 years and the customer support team are fast to reply and incredibly helpful. I have this on my laptop, phone, and iPad - it’s WELL worth the few bucks it costs and is invaluable in how much it helps you keep on track of your assignments. Get it. You won’t regret it.

Longtime user

I’ve used this for years to organize my excruciatingly long undergrad. I went as far as to buy it for my iPhone, Macbook, and desktop PC. All versions are easy to use, easy to keep track of assignments, and my grades. Extremely useful. Couldn’t imagine college without it.

Can’t Live Without This App

This app is a college lifesaver. I start every semester by imputing all my class assignments, tests, quizzes, and events. Then I can add, change or delete stuff as the semester evolves, it is that simple. Having the ability to keep track on all my devices is a nice touch, iPhone, MAC, and iPad. No matter were or what I am carrying, I can always check to see if I need to work on an assignment or study for a test. Another amazing feature, this app links with the apple calendar. I can enter personal appointments and stuff in the apple calendar and still see it in this calendar. I have recommended this app to everyone I know.

This App is a Lifesaver!

This app is worth every penny. It keeps me up to date on my grades and makes sure I don’t forget any of my assignments. Buy it, you will not regret it!

Really great app!

I really love this app and has helped me organize my assignments, exams and classes! Their support team is also really helpful!!

Just what I needed!

I am a busy mom who works full time and is going back to college in her late twenties. I was feeling a little overwhelmed, and while I have a tendency to use paper planners, I knew that I needed to come into the 21st century. I searched high and low for an app that would serve my needs, but also sync across my other devices (my iPhone and iPad), so that I could access it anywhere. I took a gamble and purchased the pro version on my Mac after messing around with the lite version a little bit. I am thrilled! I’m looking forward to future updates to see what new feature come along!

Very useful app!

I’ve been using iStudiez Pro for years now… I started with the iOS app and liked it so much that I got the Mac one as well (which was totally worth the higher price!). I’m an engineering student in Brazil and I spent a year abroad in the U.S. Even though the app is perfectly designed for the American school system, it works great here in Brazil too. The developers really care about the app’s UI and UX, providing a lot of customization that is not hard to figure out. One thing I also noticed is how fast they update the app to use the newest APIs and technolgies provided by Apple. I noticed this a lot in the iOS app, with all the iOS updates over the years. One bug that I’ve seen frequently is with the Cloud Sync… It asks me to log in (even though I already did) pretty much everytime I open the app and click the sync button… Please try to fix this! Thanks for this great app! Keep up the good work!

A must need for Higher Education.

I've been using this app for 4 years. It is a must for any student.


This app is sick


I have no idea how I would manage college without it. I look at my peers, who do not use any kind of planning as far as I can tell, and laugh inside. Muggles...

Would Reccomend to All College Students!

I started using this app during the spring semester of my freshman year, after struggled to keep track of all of my assignments in a hands-off college setting. I am now in my senior year, and still use it religiously, and reccomend it to all college students. I usually spend a few hours at the beginning of the semester inputting all of my asignments from the syllabus. Once I do that, it’s pretty much set for the semester, and maitenance is just checking assignments off, which is weirdly fun! This keeps me organized, helps me to see what my week will be like, and I never forget about an assignment. I also love that it calculates out your grades based on weights - very helpful when your professor and online calculators can’t do that for you. All of the functions that the app offers are easy to use, and I’ve never had any glitches or issues with it. I also love that it auto-syncs to a mobile app! I did see that another user reccommended recurring assignments, and I agree that this would save me some time when inputting things. But, I also think that the lack of this feature doesn’t detract from the overall quality of the app, especially for a one-time $10 payment! I would 100% reccomend this over a paper planner for any busy college student who likes to stay organized. It’s so much simplier, less bulky, and easier to adjust than any paper planner, and has improved my GPA and mental health!

Needs an update

Since macOS 10.13, the App crashes almost every time I click on a course to see details. :(


I use this app to keep track of my assignments, schedule, and track my grades, and for the most part it is pretty good. However, there are some really annoying bugs that need fixing. Any assignment that isn’t due within the same month says it is due in January, and my classes won’t show up in the month of December right now for some reason. For a $15 app, there should not be problems like this. I’d suggest nobody buys this until these issues are addressed.

Good, difficult to Keep Up With

I purchased this app becuase I found the Lite version to be helpful, and it would only let you manage so many tasks. While the pro version does offer a lot of perks, I found it to be difficult use, annoying to always have open, and even more difficult to try and keep updated. I am a tradiitonal paper and pen type persona and I thought that I could switch over to the digital version with this app, needless to say, I was really really dissappointed and hate that I wasted $10.

Too time consuming

This was an accidental purchase (meant to try the Lite version). Once purchased I thought that I would give it a try. You must enter every single item: Dates of semester, professors, phone numbers, room numbers, class schedule, every assignment and test (essentially retyping your syllabus in a very tedious manner). It is ALOT of work and will take up alot of unnecessary time when you can just click on your class info. You could use iCal instead as this basically syncs with your iCal once completed. For me, it was easier to log into my University page (which I can set up daily notifications of assignments to be sent to my email) versus the process of manually entering all of that same information for every class, every semester. Requesting a refund for the accidental purchase.

Great App but somewhat buggy

Great for managing assignments. However, sync is always signing out by itself and right-clicking on a class and hitting show details causes it to force quit.

Just missing one thing - UPDATED

While I really like this app it’s lacking the incredibly important feature of seeing when assignments are due in like a calendar view. For very visual person like me, this is a huge drawback because I can’t get a good idea of when my stuff is due with how much time I need to do it. And besides, isn’t that the whole point of having a planner? To be able to see when you’re assignments and exams are going to happen and determine how much time you have to prepare? - Update: I was looking through the past reviews and apparently people have been complaining about the lack of calendar view since 2012! Thats really ridiculous but luckily I also found about iHomework2 and OH MAN that is exactly what i’m looking for. Its got the calander view thing and is also FREE. Really wish I had known that before...

This App is Awesome!!!

I really like how organized and easy it is to look at it this planner. It’s not like a paper planner where everything is jumbled and I can’t read my hand-writing. But, I wish it had one more feature. If I could mark assignments to repeat on certain day(s) of every week, it would save me the trouble of putting in a ton of the same assignments every week. But, overall it’s an awesome app, and I would truly be a mess without it.

Sync iStudiez Pro with my other Apple devices

So far this app has been working out great for me, however, I am having to download and pay for this app again on my iPhone althought I paid for this app on my Macbook. Any help?

Great Planner

I love iStudiez—I’ve used it for several years now, both in undergrad and graduate school. The companion apps on the iPhone and iPad allow me to take my planner with me everywhere. No complaints, but do wish it had a few more features such as the ability to create subtasks and to schedule your tasks for a certain time period. Highly recommend!

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