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Sync Server Temporarily Down

Dear all! Unfortunately our Cloud Server provider is down at the moment, thus Sync may not be available temporarily. We have already contacted the provider, they are trying to solve the issue ASAP. Once the server is up and running, we will let you know. Meanwhile, to be on the safe side, please make iStudiez Pro data backup. Thank you for you patience and understanding. Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences you may suffer. UPDATE (Mar 6, 2013 1:30 am PST): We’ve managed to start the server, but Sync is not available yet, as we’re restoring your data. Everything is going to work really soon.


Ive purchased this application and until now I simply couldnt use it, because it is not working, no function, no button, nothing. I couldnt click on anything, beacause anything is available. Ive called the support and they ask me what wasnt working for which my answer was: Nothing! They didnt give me a feed back, I asked for my money back, but until today Ive got no answer. My advice is: DONT BUY IT FOR MAC OR YOU WILL WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!


The app is useful if you just want to organize your classes, assignments and tests, however, I was looking for note taking too. It would be perfect if I could add the classes and write notes in each class. I believe it is essential.

Dont buy it. The autetication process doesnt working.

Dont buy it. The autentication process doesnt working. Sometimes I cant do the login process. The server doesnt working.


The app is excellent, however it should be able to attach files.


This app is really awesome! Best thing!

Add feature and update Design !

Great app, but please add follwoing: Please add a feature to print a weekly plan. Additionally please assign the design of your iOS App! Thanks!!!

Most have app for college/university students

This app really helps me with the school. its really easy to use and the sample is clear that you will know how to use it at the first time. Highly recommended !!!

Im in LOVE with this

This is the first review that Ive written for any app, because I personally think that this is the only review worth writing. I recently just bought this app and Its GREAT! It has everything that Im looking for. I tend to be very OCD about things mostly when it comes to school, lets face it everyone likes to be organized. This app has helped me be organized. Mostly because you could keep up with your mark in the course by adding assignments and how much you got on them. One thing that I would suggest to be put into this app in the future is the ability to add files to an assignment. I dont know if you can! But overall this is a great app! Its worth the money.

Great app!

Great app, well worth the price. Its nice having a single place with all my courses and assignments listed. The GPA tracking is what I really got this app for and its great. There is one thing Id like to change, and thats with assignments you cant change them to Completed without adding in a mark. I dont know about other people, but most of the time I complete an assignment, hand it in, and dont get my mark back for awhile. It would be nice to have an option to mark an assignment as "Completed - awaiting mark" or some such thing, so I can remove them from my assignments section and update them later. With that small change, this app would be glorious.

In love, but...

I wish that there were some more features. For example: 1. It would be great to create miscellaneous events such as club meetings 2. A sticky note or reminder section would be awesome 3. I have a bunch of classes with multiple professors, so I want to add more than one prof to each course 4. Be able to adjust the list of names of classes (i.e. class, lecture, lab)

This app rocks!

Super useful to keep all your school stuff in one place! The reminders and due date could be finer since some assignments are due at a specific time of day like midnight or 9AM. Keeps me sane : )

Not worth a penny!

This app is an unorganized, $10 "school" version of the native Calendar app. It does nothing Calendar cant do, and it makes things LESS organized. Also, it costs a ridiculous $10 (plus more if you want the iPhone app too). I cant get my money back, but if I can help others save their money and not give their business to iStudiez then I am satisfied.

good but can be improved (attach files to assignments)

This is what I would love to be added so that this app becomes #1: - More space to write under description of assignments. - Ability to asociate files with assignments. If that gets added I will give a 5 to the app. Other then that, it is a great app!!


There needs to be an option to add multiple instructors to a class.

Very Useful App

I downloaded this app when I was looking for an alternative to my paper planner for school. I like how you can input your classes, grade distribution and midterms so that its all in one place. There are some features about this app that I think could change for the better. The app restricts you to input classes or labs at a continuous repeating schedule; which isnt the case for everyone, especially for people in graduate studies like med, pharm or vet. Another feature I think could be added or improved on is the addition of scheduled events other than school like club meetings or work schedules. A memo area or daily to-do list could also be useful for people that like to plan out their day in advance. I know that the app syncs with icalender but it is a little redundant to have to open one app to input something so that it shows up on another app. The last thing I would love for this app to change is more with the actual preferences when looking at the overview calender. On the days that assignments are due the date is bolded, but I would prefer a colour scheme option where you can make that day a certain colour corresponding to the weight of the assignment. With all that said the app has made my life easier and its great for keeping organized. I really like how it calculates your gpa, and how you can see your schedule a month in advance. I will agree with other reviewers about the issue regarding completion of assignments and delay in receiving marks. not looking foreward to buying it all over again when I upgrade to an Iphone.

Great App but missing one feature!

I think its missing a section such as participation, which generally isnt an assignment and is usually worth some amount. The only way to deal with this currently is to make an assignment for it. I think this cause clutter when there should simply just be a way to manually enter it yourself if need be. Besides that one feature I still think its worth it. Definitely a great buy and either way. I use this app daily for all my university organizational needs.

Not worth $10

I opted to go online for my daily planner this school year, and overall, I find it more work. Not sure I will stick with it, but it is pretty handy having it on my phone. I prefer the iPhone app much more so than the one on my computer. I almost never use it, and I dislike that it doesnt show me my assignments in overview like the iPhone app does. I say save the $10, and just buy it for your phone for $1.


It is a great learn application, however, the only thing that I feel that its not good is that Completed assignments include not only the current semester, but also the past semesters, it will be perfect if we can choose whether to display completed assignments of the past semesters or not.

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